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Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture hosts an Alumni Site that will has three works by Eric and other artist.
Chroma Artist Association has three works by Eric displayed on their web site
Carl Sublett Eric's father is a retired professor at the University of Tennessee and a nationally known artist.
R.B. Morris , an excellent poet and well established musician, has been a valued friend and co-conspirator for many years. Eric designed the cover for R.B. Morris' The Man Upstairs book of poetry.
Metro Pulse Online is a regional Arts And Cultural magazine that featured a cover by Eric on Volume 12 Number 4.
Jack Rentfro is a local freelance journalist involved in the establishment of James Agee Park in the Fort Sanders area of Knoxville. Eric contributed artwork and writings to Jack's new book Cumberland Avenue Revisited: Four Decades of Music From Knoxville, Tennessee.
Todd (Toddzilla) Steed has been part of the local music scene with Smokin Dave and the Premo Dopes, Apelife, The Opposeable Thumbs and Todd Steed and the Sons of Phere.
Jubilee Community Arts at the Laurel Theater is a regional, community cultural center dedicated to preserving and presenting the traditional arts of the Southern Appalachians.

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